What started as a college requirement hardened into an artful and productive hobby – otherwise known as Bradley Ceramics.

Specializing in one-of-a-kind food and display vessels, potter Bradley Speer throws his work on a wheel and employs a variety of glazing techniques, injecting texture and personality to every piece. Bradley’s bowls, mugs, plates and platters enliven everything they come in contact with, from the simple pleasure of morning coffee to shelves and tabletops as more formal centerpieces.

I make art with a purpose, or function. My work intends to please visually, displayed on a shelf or on a wall. It also intends to go to work by serving, through a dinner or holding a favorite beverage. Color, shape, texture, expression, and touch all play roles in the ceramic art experience. Everything is just better in clay!

Due to Bradley’s work schedule and existing commitments, he isn’t able to accept new commissions at this time. 

Thank you for understanding!

Bradley’s Ceramics Story

College Start

Bradley’s quest to the wheel and kiln began at Pomona College in southern California, in between soccer games and sun-kissed treks to the beach.

The creative side of the craft proved contagious but would be delayed for many years as Bradley pursued a career in physical therapy.

Eventually, clay called and classes at Oregon College of Arts & Crafts and Portland Community College sharpened Bradley’s approach, affording new techniques and a deftness that emanates from everything he throws.

Creating Function in a Vapor Environment

An emphasis on salt-firing – or, introducing sodium chloride to a kiln firebox amid scorching temperatures – affords an eye-catching array of surface complexity. Normally, unpredictability is a risk.

Here, it’s the dazzling result of a special potting approach, offering textures like orange peel and onion skin and no chance of replication.

  • 1990
    As a senior biology major and student-athlete, Bradley discovered ceramics as he needed an art credit to satisfy his graduation requirements

  • 1995 >>
    He goes on to study physical therapy at Pacific University and started re-exploring his creativity:

    • Begins with furniture building at the Oregon College of Arts & Crafts
    • Registers for ceramics at Portland Community College and first learns of salt-firing from instructor Richey Bellinger
    • Inspired Bradley returns to OCAC for a firing techniques class taught by Jim Kouldelka
  • 2006>>

    • Moves to rural Yamhill County and continues to take OCAC community ceramics courses
    • Participates in Art Harvest Tour of Yamhill County (for the next nine years)
    • Bradley beer mugs, bowls, and vessels begin to appear throughout Yamhill County
  • 2013 >>

    • Starts to build studio and kiln yard
  • 2016 >>

    • Begins creating glazes made with local vineyard ash
  • 2018 >>

    • Returns to Art Harvest Studio Tour